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About Us

Competent advisors– a new generation company that understands business and the bottom line. We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best software development to deliver premium quality services. Competent advisors offer services at global level with a partner-centric approach to Integrate with customer business, culture, and people leading to quality of Service. We provide end-to-end solutions to all of your Design and development needs at the most competitive price. Competent advisors helps to integrate with the customer business, culture, and people Leading to the quality of service with partner-centric approach. Competent advisors a Technology Excellence specializes in four niche areas of services Backed by industry experts, and technology gurus.
At Competent advisors, we empower every business user to make more informed decisions by providing timely, relevant, and accurate answers to their business questions. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions. Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we innovate to answer our customers’ needs. Standing behind that are our Principles for operating the business—Agility, Innovation, Trust and Integrity, and Simplicity—all of which keep us closely connected with our customers.

As a company, we have the innovative spirit, customer focused approach, and established products that our customers desire. This strategy has enabled us to develop a portfolio of products and services designed to meet specific needs within our selected industries.

We deliver them through four divisions, providing clear focus on supporting the needs and success of the customers they serve: Business Management Division that offers core business management applications such as accounting, enterprise resource management and customer relationship management employer-related needs of businesses in general.
Competent advisors always
Keep Customers for Life
Attract New Customers
Become a Great Employer in Our Markets
Consistently Achieve Financial Results
Competent advisors Principles:
Agility: We anticipate and act on the changing needs of our business. We have the willingness and capability to change. We execute quickly and precisely. We question what needs to change in order to continually evolve and improve.
We are committed to making our products, services, and business processes easier to understand and use. We create value by providing products and services that streamline complex processes and boost productivity. We embrace continuous improvement as a way to simplify our business. We support and foster an attitude of helpfulness in everything we do. Above all, we deliver unique and positive Competent advisors experiences by being easy to work with.
We are committed to continuously improving how we serve all of our customers, partners, and employees by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations through a culture of creativity and forward thinking.
We are ethical and honest in our intentions, words, and actions. We believe our end results and how we obtain them are equally important. We are accountable for both successes and failures and we learn and improve from both. We practice any challenges or behaviors that threaten our reputation with no fear or reprisal. We model the Competent advisors principles in all interactions with stakeholders. We are good corporate citizens in our communities.


Our vision is to be a leader in the area of business. We know, there are lot of measurements to fulfill to achieve our vision. But we are optimists. We are hardworking. Our team is innovative and goal oriented. Our mission is achieving greater customer satisfaction. Our strategy is invention.

WHY Competent advisors?

  • Business Solutions Focused.
  • User-friendly Relationship Driven Partnership Model.
  • Guaranteed Bottom Line Results From Small to Large-scale Applications.
  • Easy to Use High Performance Alternative to Domestic Consulting Firms.
  • Superb Execution, Fast Knowledge Transfer, High Quality.
  • Deep Technology Expertise Across a Wide Range of Competencies.
  • Unique Business Culture Experience Programs to Manage Cultural Differences.
  • Collaborating the capabilities of Onshore Offshore Software Development Skills to give high quality services .